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Liesel Soley with her Importuno Violin

Liesel Soley, violinist, was a scholarship student at the Juilliard Schoolof Music where she received her B.S. and M.S. degrees. She was awarded the Walter Damrosch Scholarship for study in Fontainebleau, France where she had the opportunity to work with Nadia Boulanger, and was selected to have master classes with Yehudi Mehuhin in his home in Gstaad, Switzerland. After college she won a Fulbright Grant and continued study in Paris, France. Ms. Soley has performed solo recitals in the U.S. and France and was the violinist in the piano trio, "Trio Viva". She has taught violin at the Manhattan School of Music and the School of the Arts in New York City, and has taught violin and viola at St. Petersburg College and the Pinellas County Center for the Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. Ms. Soley has welcomed the services of John Importuno for many years. "Not only has John supplied high quality violins and violas and bows for my students, he also takes very good care of their instruments if they need any kind of repair work done. John crafts his own violins and violas and is one of the outstanding contemporary makers of today. One thing I really like is he brings a whole selection of instruments in the particular price range parents indicate is best for them to my studio, where the student, parents and I can select what is best for the student.

                                                                                                                                            ~Liesel Soley

Image of Liesel Soley's book "Playing Fiddle in the Streets"

Liesel Soley is the author of "Playing Fiddle In The Streets," a new release along with "Could It Be? A Spiritual Journey." Below you will fine a synopsis of "Playing Fiddle In The Streets" and the link below to purchase this honest and fun gem.   


"I would rather die than be caught playing violin in the streets," an exasperated colleague of mine exclaimed when we were backstage in Tully Hall, New York City, waiting to go on stage to perform.

Sure, I am a Juilliard graduate and Fulbright Scholar. So what?! Playing in the streets was great! Communication is communication, and where it happens is not the point. I always loved telling the stories in this book and invariably people loved them so here they are for you. I am sure you will be touched, and I can guarantee you, you will be laughing at the end of this little book!

Liesel Soley



"I have been the proud owner of the 'Proteus' violin made by John Importuno since February 2009. I perform for a casino in Indiana and this exquisite instrument has put me on the map out here.The workmanship and attention to detail is exemplary. John got my colors and insignia absolutely perfect. Not a day goes by without one of my customers commenting on the beauty of this violin.The sound is amazing, especially for a violin that is acoustic as well as electric. I spent some time with the 'Armingaud' stradavari back in the nineties...a two and a half million dollar instrument and I prefer John's. It is smooth, responsive and very easy to play.Everything from Bach to Bob Marley to Michael Jackson sounds like angels on the Proteus. As one of my customers so aptly put it, " That's the Obama of violins right there Brother!" Thanks John for crafting me an instrument that allows my music to sing with the voice of the angels." 

                                                                                                               ~Colin G. Matthews

Colin G. Matthews with his Importuno Violin "The Proteus"
 Dr. Felix J. Subervi, III with his Importuno Violin

Dr. Felix J. Subervi, III, is a Licensed Psychologist that has always strive for excellence. For his training in his field of practice, he completed his Post Doctoral Fellowship at McClean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He has a passion for music and plays the violin. When he wanted a custom made instrument, he sought Mr. John Importunio, Master Violin Maker, in Tampa, Florida. He has had his treasured violin since 1997, and highly endorses Mr. Importuno artistry in the skilled craft of violin making.​

                                                                             ~ Dr. Felix J. Subervi, III

From Eden Vaning, former Principal Violinst, Florida Orchestra; taught on the faculties of University of Wisconsin, Northern Arizona University, University of Southern California; Performer's Certificate winner and Concertmaster at the Eastmans School of Music; 2006 Teacher of the Year for the State of Florida by the American String Teachers Association; Concert Violinist and writer of the highly esteemed "The Violin Book" Curriculum Series. I am so pleased to highly commend John Importuno as a master Luthier, who I have used to work on my own professional concert violin for over 30 years now, and who I always refer my students to, for their instruments. I have always been extremely pleased with his excellent work, as John puts his heart into every instrument he works on, and brings out the life in the instrument. His knowledge of the field is extraordinary, and I have seen the precision of detail in his craft, creating beautiful instruments which more than exceed the dreams of the person who will play them. My students prefer the deep, rich bodied tones in their instruments, and when they purchase a violin from John, the instrument provides just this, and challenges the student to explore it's endless color palette as they mature musically. I teach Violin, Viola and Cello, and his instruments have helped my students attain full scholarships at major institutions, including a Viola student's recent four year scholarship at Vanderbilt University. As Director of the Golden Strings Youth Orchestra, which performs regularly throughout the Tampa Bay Area, I use one of his high-level student violins at rehearsals and in teaching, and I find I can dig and bring forth the emotional expression I get from my professional violin. I am also the writer of the 29 method book series, the "Violin Book", "Viola Book" and "Cello Book" Curriculum's, and take my high-level violin around the country when I do my presentations at the American String Teachers National Conventions, and at other major Conventions. As a performer and teacher, I highly recommend John Importuno instruments for high-end student models, for professional concert instruments and their care, and if you wish, to have that special instrument you've dreamed of, made just for you. I have always been extremely pleased with his work and professionalism.

                                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Eden Vaning

Eden Vaning with her Importuno Violin
Dr. Andrew Galos with his Importuno Violin

Dr. Andrew Galos is one of this country's outstanding violinists. He holds a Masters degree from both the Julliard School of Music and Columbia University. In addition to the Masters degrees, he also earned a doctorate from Columbia. Presently Dr. Galos is performing on tour and resides in Kirkland, Washington.Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He has a passion for music and plays the violin. When he wanted a custom made instrument, he sought Mr. John Importunio, Master Violin Maker, in Tampa, Florida. He has had his treasured violin since 1997, and highly endorses Mr. Importuno artistry in the skilled craft of violin making.​

                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Dr. Andrew Galos

"I really love the violin! It is a pleasure to play on a fine instrument that is also an electric violin. I have been using electric violins that are factory made in the past. I do believe that the quality of the instrument effects the electronic sound as well. What's more, I don't feel I need to bring my acoustic violin with me to practice in my hotel when I'm on the road. Thanks for making me a fantastic instrument!"

                                                                                                                                                         ~Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron showing Clint Eastwood his Importuno Violin

Doug Cameron showing Clint Eastwood his 

Importuno Violin - Hollywood Awards Ceremony

"Gio has been supplying me and my students violins for the past 5 years. We are very appreciative of his work. Thank you Gio." Martha’s has a B.A. in Voice with Violin and a B.A. Music Education. She has been a violin instructor since 1983. She was an instructor at Seminole Music and Sound from 2007 until 2018. Martha played violin in an Orchestra that went to Europe to promote friendship between U.S.A. and Romania. She keeps busy as a wedding violinist and singer. She does regular concerts twice a month with features in the violin, viola. Martha sings operatic songs and easy listening songs. She has two student recitals a year at Seminole Music.

                                                                                                                                                                                        ~Martha Roy

Martha Roy with her custom Viola from Importuno Violins

"I am eternally grateful to Gio for nudging me toward this incredible Klotz Viola. The Sound, the touch, and the condition are top notch. 

                                                                                                                       ~Susan L. Metzger

Susan L. Metzger with her Importuno Violin

I had been looking all over Florida, for that special antique cello with a big rich full sound, that would project and play with ease, with a well balanced tone. A Teacher and a good friend told me about Importuno Violins, in Tampa. It was well worth the hours of a trip, to find exactly what I have been looking for. What a selection of fine cellos he had to choose from. It was actually hard to choose with his selection but I found what I have been looking for. Thank You Mr. Importuno, for finding my dream cello. We will be doing more business, it was a pleasure working with you with your experience and years of knowledge. 

                                                                                                                                                                 ~Dr. Miguel Cruz

Dr. Miguel Cruz with his Cello from Importuno Violins

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